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Courses Developed and Taught for College of Southern Idaho

Courses for the Business Management and Entrepreneurship Program

BUSM 145

Marketing Basics

​Introduces students to the discipline of marketing and the need to create customer value and relationships in the marketplace. Presents an overview of the marketing principles and management strategies, along with the analytical tools used by organizations in the creation of a marketing plan.

BUSM 166

Retailing and Merchandising Management

​Students will gain an understanding of retailing trends, technology in the industry, merchandise planning and management, pricing, location, promotional strategies, human resource management, store design and layout, customer service, and the international movement of retailers. Application of class concepts is emphasized through class discussion and projects.

BUSM 181

Human Resources Management

​​Students will explore the functions and employment of human resources to achieve organizational strategic goals. HR legal environment, recruitment and selection, training and development, compensation and benefits, performance appraisals, workforce diversity and practical skills for managing people through the understanding and use of HR functions and systems will be explored.

BUSM 245

Social and Electronic Marketing

​​This course examines the basic principles and concepts underlying the use of digital information and communication technology by organizations and consumers. It reviews critical success factors and best practices central to the effectiveness of digital tools and social media in marketing activities.

BUSM 261

Business Management

​This course explores management of a business enterprise with emphasis on the correct methods of operating a small business efficiently. Additional topics of discussion include personality and attitude requirements, organizing business operations, preparation of business communications, and strategies to encourage ethical behavior by managers and employees.

BUSM 262

Entrepreneurship Essentials

​​The development of a business plan for use as a guide in starting and operating a successful business. Requires students to research ides, markets, financial needs, development of pro-forma financial statements, and other data to prepare a complete and realistic business plan. The plan will be developed in a step-by-step process following a typical business plan outline.

BUSM 265

Principles of Project Management

​​This course examines the process of selecting, prioritizing, initiating and planning a project. Topics range from focus on determining the projects to be selected in relation to organizational strategy and culture, to prioritization and negotiation in acquiring resources, and determining a budget and schedule. Students successfully completing this course may choose to sit for CAPM© certification testing at an additional charge.

BUSM 276

Introduction to Nonprofit Management

This course applies management concepts and approaches to nonprofit organizations. Additionally, this course explores the characteristics of effective and ethical management and leadership in nonprofit organizatins, and examines the roles of the executive director, the board, staff and volunteers. The course also explores the relationship of grant writing to an organization's strategy for fundraising, and outlines the six stages of grant writing and highlighting grant writing best practices.

BUSM 285

Cooperative Education

​Cooperative Education allows the student to apply learning to real-life career possibilities. Students will be matched to job sites based on career interests and skill levels and the environment of the site for learning. Written learning objectives agreed upon by the student, the department, and the employer will be the basis for evaluating, grading, and granting of credit hours.

BUSM 290

Program Capstone

Application of concepts studied in previous courses in the Business Management & Entrepreneurship program. This course prepares students to complete the national NOCTI (National Occupational Competency Testing Institute) exam. Development of job search materials, skills, and strategy is also discussed. This is the final course in the Business Management & Entrepreneurship program and should be taken during a student’s last term.

General Courses for College of Southern Idaho

CISA 135

Introduction to Presentation Software

​This course provides instruction in developing computer presentations. Students will learn to use the software to incorporate color, animation, and sound in an on-screen presentation.

BUSA 215

Introduction to Information Science

​Introduces students to computer applications utilizing popular business software in a Windows environment; and assignments are completed using applications software including word-processing, communications, spreadsheet, database, presentation, personal information managers, and Internet web browsers. A variety of projects including resume and research paper preparation, inventory management, financial control. Large group presentation and time management provides the student with opportunities for critical thinking and hands-on experience.

BUSA 250

Principles of Marketing

​​A survey course, covering the basic elements of marketing and the marketing process. In addition, an analysis of product, pricing, promotion, place and distribution will be included. Attention is given to consumer motivation and factors leading to ultimate buying decisions.

FINA 102

Personal Finance

​This is an introductory course highlighting personal financial planning including: goal setting, budgeting, tax planning, housing, consumer credit, buying automobiles, insurance protection, retirement planning, and an introduction to investing. Projects encourage students to apply course concepts to their own situations.

Faculty Development Courses

Camtasia Basics

Canvas LMS Beginning and Intermediate

Blackboard LMS Beginning and Intermediate

Incorporating Universal Design

Introduction to Online Instruction

Scaffold Your Course to Meet Learning Objectives

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